What Minneapolis Wholesalers Need to Know About Transactional Funding

What do you know about transactional funding? Wholesalers often locate deals with motivated sellers who agree with the arrangement. The wholesaler then locates an end buyer, making a slight profit without being involved in the actual transaction. However, there are cases in which this isn’t always an option; for example, no assignment clauses often force … Continued

Is now a good time to buy a Cape Coral home?

The news is buzzing the real estate market is shifting quickly, mortgages rates have jumped way up and you might be asking yourself…..is now a good time to buy or should I wait for prices to fall. We all want to buy at the bottom and sell at the top…buy low sell high…right?? This, however … Continued

How to Leverage Other People’s Money to Build a Real Estate Portfolio in Minneapolis

Leveraging to purchase real estate in Minneapolis allows investors like you to grow the wealth necessary to create the retirement of your dreams and create a passive income stream from your investments. Unfortunately, our real estate investment business needs and our available funds don’t always align, and leveraging other people’s money allows savvy investors the … Continued

What Minneapolis Real Estate Investors Need to Know About Hard Money Loans

Real estate offers portfolio diversity, and with careful planning and following a strategy, investors can build great wealth and financial freedom. Diversity can protect you from economic downturns in any one sector of the market, and real estate allows investors to live out their golden years on their terms, doing what they enjoy. In addition, … Continued

Cape Coral Foreclosures

Are more foreclosures coming? Will the Cape Coral housing market crash? Do I sell my house now? Do I buy a house now? Will the 2008 collapse happen all over again? These are all very good questions, and the honest answer is…….no one knows for sure but lets talk about what we do know, things … Continued

Should I wait to buy a Cape Coral home?

I’ve been in real estate for 18 years, I’ve lived through the Cape Coral housing crash of 2008 and remember prices escalating quickly from 2004-2008, then watch them trend down through 2012. I’ve watched people make incredible amounts of money in real estate and I’ve watched some go bankrupt. If buying real estate can be … Continued

5 Tips for Investment Partnerships in Minneapolis

Investing with a partner to buy real estate can be beneficial to both. You must take steps to ensure that the relationship will endure, however, so you need to develop a plan for the partnership from the initial investment through the exit strategy. Additionally, it has to be the right fit for you. While you … Continued