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Are You Ready To Skip The Hassle Of Repairs And Sell As-Is?

Most people don’t know they have the option to sell their home in AS-IS condition.  Aside from house repairs and upkeep, selling your house can be stressful and redecorating, painting, new flooring and updating utilities is just plain expensive! That’s why we offer an As-Is listing service. We will value your home just as any other agent would, and we would list the home as-is, allowing buyers to understand that the home will not be altered throughout the sales transaction.

What As-Is Means

discount listing fee

Selling your house in as-is condition means accepting an offer that may be lower than if you had completed all the repairs yourself.  Buyers may still ask for a home inspection, however the expectation will have been set that you do not plan on completing the repairs. You will need to disclose information about the home such as any roof leaks or septic issues.

If moving is apart of your future but you don’t want to spend your time and money updating a home you plan to leave, contact us! Our team has years of experience in real estate and in the Minnesota market that can help price your as-is home sale. We have helped sellers just like you sell their home in as-is condition and move on.

Pros and Cons of Selling Your House As-Is


  • No expensive repairs! 
  • No negotiations over fixing things in the home. 
  • You can list your home immediately.


  • Lower listing price and reduced profit. 
  • Cautious buyers seeing the house is “as-is”. 

At TM Listings, it is always our goal to provide sellers the greatest amount of service with the lowest inconvenience and fees. Fill out the form below to get started!

Have you decided you are ready to sell and want to skip the listing all together? Check out Henry Home Buyer here to learn more!
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