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What’s My Home Worth?

One of the first steps in selling your home is figuring out what your home is worth.  There are many factors that play a role in determine your home’s worth, such as location and sale prices of neighboring homes, any special features your home has to offer, and any updates you may have made to the home’s roof, HVAC system, siding, windows and interior fixtures. TM Listings will provide you with a free home value report and a breakdown of costs associated with selling your home.  We calculate the market value of your home, taking the guess-work for you away. We will strategize pricing in our competitive market so that your home is properly priced and attracts the attention of buyers.

When you list your home with TM Listings, we want you to get what your home is worth. We will offer you a comprehensive explanation as to how we came to the figure and the steps to secure an offer. You will not be surprised by any hidden fees at any point!  With the listing discount offered by us, you pocket more of your home’s sale. Here at TM Listings, we want you to feel comfortable through the process from start to finish – from listing your home  until you leave the closing table.  We feel confident that when you understand the service TM Listings provides, you will see the tremendous value we offer and choose to list your home with us!

•  Find out what your home is worth.

• List your home with TM Listings.

• Watch your home sell and SAVE THOUSANDS!

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