Moving to Cape Coral from Midwest

Winters are brutal in the Midwest, snow cold, wind, grey skies, basically half the year is spent hibernating inside. Then, you come down to sunny Cape Coral in the winter for vacation and think…. The weather is so amazing, I should move here! And down that rabbit hole we go 😊 A lot of people … Continued

Sell my hurricane damaged house in Cape Coral As-Is. Short term rental

Hurricane Ian threw a huge monkey wrench in the Southwest Florida real estate mix, one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit Florida’s coast. Hurricane Ian caused power outages for weeks, the wind and water surge damaged many houses, leaving many Cape Coral landlords asking questions…. Will short term rentals be in demand? Can … Continued

First time home buyer Cape Coral

First time home buyer Cape Coral Buying your own home is the American dream, it’s something most people aspire to do in their life, it’s very exciting, you’ll always remember the buying your very first home, it’s a BIG DEAL! It can take months or years of work to get your credit ready, save enough … Continued

Should I fix my my Cape Coral home before selling or sell As-Is?

I’ve been selling real estate for nearly 20 years, in my time I’ve witnessed all sorts of situations, what’s right for each Seller depends on the induvial and their ability to manage stress, contractors and design. I love watching HGTV rehabs. They take a home and make it look fabulous, they make it look so … Continued

Mortgage rate hikes, pushing Cape Coral payments higher

If you’re tracking real estate like we are, you’ve seen in the news the Federal Reserve is likely to raise the fed fund rate by .75% to 1%..Yikes!!!. We don’t always know how that will translate to the mortgage rates, sometimes it affects them and sometimes not as much. I’m anticipating a bump in mortgage … Continued

Is Cape Coral going into a housing recession?

How do we know if were heading into good economic times or bad times? When is a good time to buy and when is a good time to sell? What are good indicators to watch for? The answer will be different for everyone, and it depends on if you’re planning to live in the home … Continued

Is now a good time to buy a Cape Coral home?

The news is buzzing the real estate market is shifting quickly, mortgages rates have jumped way up and you might be asking yourself… now a good time to buy or should I wait for prices to fall. We all want to buy at the bottom and sell at the top…buy low sell high…right?? This, however … Continued

Cape Coral Foreclosures

Are more foreclosures coming? Will the Cape Coral housing market crash? Do I sell my house now? Do I buy a house now? Will the 2008 collapse happen all over again? These are all very good questions, and the honest answer is…….no one knows for sure but lets talk about what we do know, things … Continued

Should I wait to buy a Cape Coral home?

I’ve been in real estate for 18 years, I’ve lived through the Cape Coral housing crash of 2008 and remember prices escalating quickly from 2004-2008, then watch them trend down through 2012. I’ve watched people make incredible amounts of money in real estate and I’ve watched some go bankrupt. If buying real estate can be … Continued
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