9 Steps to Sell my Lakeville house As-IS

The time comes to us all we have a home to sell, maybe we lived here for a long time and the repairs got away from us, maybe we’re critical of our own home and think others wont like it, or we inherited a home that’s in really rough shape, whatever the case may be, selling a home as-is is a great option.  

Selling my Lakeville house can cause Sellers a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights worrying about the unknown.  “Will My Lakeville house sell” “Do I need to Paint my house” What repairs do I need to do” “how will I move everything” At TM Listings we’ve encounter all of these situations, lets explore them.

Option 1.

When you choose to sell my Lakeville house, you can do whatever you choose, even sell to cash home buyer, we work with my other company you can check them out Henry Home Buyer they will give you a no obligation free cash offer. Some Sellers choose to sell their Lakeville house for cash as-is to a cash home buyer, doing no repairs and sometimes even leaving everything in the home behind and then the cash home buyer needs to take remove the items. This can be from a hoarder home situation, or someone has moved away and its not worth moving all the personal belongings because they have little value, old couches extra. Henryhomebuyer.com will give you a free cash offer. Typically, a Seller will trade equity for speed and convenience, so this options will not be the best route if you’re trying to sell your Lakeville house for the most money.

Option 2.

8 steps to sell your Lakeville house As-Is

This step we will walk through selling your Lakeville home as-is with a real estate agent the traditional method.

Step 1) Evaluate your Lakeville home with your real estate agent, will you will make any repairs or none. If you will make any repairs complete them before listing.

Step 2) Sign a listing agreement and fill out a Seller disclosure.

Step 3) Real Estate agent will take pictures

Step 4) Your agent will list on the multiple listing service – (in the comment section of the listing let the buyers know the home is being sold as-is and no repairs will be completed)

Step 5) Agent will show your home

Step 6) You will get an offer

Step 7) The buyer may ask for an inspection and may negotiate after the inspection. You don’t have to negotiate. You can negotiate the Sale of your Lakeville house to your needs.

Step 8) Appraisal

Step 9) Close

This is the usually the best way to get the most money for your Lakeville home. You will have a few hoops to jump through but you don’t have any repairs to complete if you don’t want to. Typically a retail buyer, meaning a buyer who wants to buy your Lakeville house to live in themselves will pay the most for your Lakeville home, more than investor, however with a cash home buyer the speed and convenience is the easiest.

There are many reason a Seller decides to sell their Lakeville house As-is and not so any repairs.

-Repairs are too costly;

-Choosing and managing contractors can be stressful;

-You don’t even know where to start;

-It might not financially make sense, meaning you very well could be better off selling as-is without doing any repairs;

-You’re not a home decorator and the thought of picking out finishing is overwhelming.

There are a lot of benefits of Selling your Lakeville home as-is:

Once you decide to go this route you will feel the anxiety ease away, you don’t have any repairs to do. You don’t have to worry about paying for the contractors, finding good contractors who wont take advantage of you or managing the projects. It’s so much less stressful.

In the event you choose to sell my Lakeville house and do some repairs. Here’s an article on how to select a contractor if you choose to go that route.  

Lets recap since I dumped a lot of information on you.

  1. Evaluate with your realtor the pros and cons of selling your Lakeville house As-IS
  2. If you want to do any minor repairs, complete them before listings, even decluttering will help.
  3. Have your agent List your Lakeville house and sell
  4. Close and smile big because you avoided a lot of stress

In my career I’ve bought and sold many homes, I go through these same mental exercises…. should I sell as is or take on the repairs, surprisingly, for me,  many times its more profitable to sell my Lakeville house As-IS. The gamble, once you start rehabbing you cant stop and it can open a lot of cans of worms and expenses that you could not have known about until the contractors dig in.

Lastly, be of good cheer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, if you price your home properly, even dated, or in poor condition many people will want it. There will be a new homeowner who wants a project home that’s a little lower in cost that they can make repairs as they go and get some sweat equity or just customize to their liking.  

Here’s a few pictures of a home I purchased and then resold as-is and did no work

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